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Weiv Sketches are great for live drawing or creating geometric images. Each Weiv Sketch creates iterative shapes based on user input. All Weiv Sketches output to Syphon, so images can be mixed easily with most VJ tools. Download each of the Weiv Sketches below for free. If you make anything cool or have feedback for us we’d love to hear from you.






Weiv Sketch Controls Guide

*Weiv Sketches are built for Apple OSX and require Java.

Weiv 1.5 Demo Software Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 9.50.37 PM

Weiv 1.5 is software for collaborative visual performance. Weiv allows the Wii Remote Plus controller to be used to create interactive visuals. The Weiv 1.5 allows for multi-screen output and uses Syphon, a really cool frame-sharing technology, to share Weiv visuals with most popular VJ tools. This is the free demo version of the Weiv 1.5 software; the demo version comes with 3 fully functional single-controller scenes. Download Weiv and have fun creating interactive visuals!

Weiv 1.5 Demo Download

Weiv 1.5 User’s Guide

Weiv Quickstart Guide


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