Introducing The Circulator Weiv Sketch — Free Live Drawing Tool

The Circulator Weiv Sketch is a drawable animation, a mesmerizing pulse of concentric circles.

Round and round we go...
Round and round we go…

If you move the cursor while drawing the circles stretch out, giving you ringlets of color across the screen.

ring, ring, ring...
ring, ring, ring…

Circles are fun, but blending circles with other graphics through Syphon is even more fun. In the picture below I am blending live input from the camera with The Circulator.

Make your own circular mask.
Make your own circular mask.

This is our third Weiv Sketch in an ongoing series of sketches…by now you should be sensing a theme. Simple shapes repeated over and over can result in eye-pleasing pictures. Also, the process of live drawing is intriguing and can add flair to visual production. Weiv Sketches can be another tool in your visual art toolbox.

So get out there and make something cool. Download the Circulator today!

*Weiv Sketches are built for Apple OSX and require Java.


The Circulator Controls:

Click on the black palette to create circles.

‘1’ – Screen capture

‘2’ – Hide color picker

‘3’ – Show color picker

‘control’ – Clear screen

Left and right arrows – Move currently selected color picker knob

‘tab’ – Select next color picker knob

Up and down arrows – increase and decrease object size


Hey, if you’re still reading you must be really interested! Try out some of our Weiv Sketches and give us feedback so we can improve our craft. Also, catch us on Twitter for updates, pics, and conversations.


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