Introducing The Color Wheel Weiv Sketch — Free Live Drawing Tool

The Color Wheel Weiv Sketch is in full bloom! This lovely little app creates colorful shapes reminiscent of flower petals or a sun ray.

If the sun were made of mustard it would look like this.
If the sun were made of mustard it would look like this.

Of course with a little creativity you can make more than just flower shapes. By changing color and size parameters different shapes and themes emerge.

It's a color jumble.
It’s a color jumble.

We have been finding that Weiv Sketches are useful for live drawing, mixing with other media, and also for use as background images. The geometric nature of the sketches are pleasing, even when abstract.

Wispy but eye-catching.
Wispy but eye-catching.

We like making art, and we enjoy receiving feedback about the stuff we make. If you have thoughts on the images or any of the Weiv Sketch apps give us feedback so we can continue making cool stuff.

Now download the Color Wheel app and make some art!

*Weiv Sketches are built for Apple OSX and require Java.

Color Wheel Controls

Click on the black palette to create shapes.

‘1’ – Screen capture

‘2’ – Hide color picker

‘3’ – Show color picker

‘control’ – Clear screen

Left and right arrows – Move currently selected color picker knob

‘tab’ – Select next color picker knob

Up and down arrows – increase and decrease object size

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