Introducing The Origami Weiv Sketch — Free Live Drawing Tool

Here it is, the next Weiv Sketch in our series of free drawing Tools. Origami is an arrangement of triangles that reminded me of folded paper…thus the name.

Is it a crane?
Is it a crane?

Like the other Weiv Sketches, Origami is a great tool for live drawing, blending a live drawing with other media, or creating a pleasing digital picture. We love using Syphon to share frames between VJ tools to create hybrid works of art.

Woodgrain blended with Origami
Woodgrain blended with Origami
A blended forest
A blended forest

We love the spontaneity of live drawing and hope you do too. Play around with the Origami Weiv Sketch and let us know how you like it! Also, we are looking to improve our craft, give us feedback so we can make cools stuff.

Go ahead, download the Origami Weiv Sketch and play!

*Weiv Sketches are built for Apple OSX and require Java.

Origami Controls

Click on the black palette to create shapes.

‘1’ – Screen capture

‘2’ – Hide color picker

‘3’ – Show color picker

‘control’ – Clear screen

Left and right arrows – Move currently selected color picker knob

‘tab’ – Select next color picker knob

Up and down arrows – increase and decrease object size

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