Introducing Weiv Sketches

What are we passionate about? The past few months have been full of soul searching and brainstorming as we have been reconfiguring Weiv from a single-product focused company to a “lab” for interactive creativity. It has been a fruitful time of reconnecting with the big ideas that have been bouncing around our brains for quite some time. Most of these big ideas are philosophies expressed as art projects. Our hope is to begin sharing these art projects and big ideas with you on a regular basis, as we enter a rapid prototyping phase.

One of our first passion projects to be prototyped is the Weiv Sketches concept.

Weiv Sketches make it easy to live-draw geometric art.

Weiv Sketches are simple, stand alone drawing programs for the visual artist or VJ. Each Weiv Sketch is based on a single geometric property. This makes it easy to create pleasing visual art in a live setting. You can just click around on the sketch pad and see what happens…if you don’t like what you created it’s easy to erase and begin again.

Though the idea behind Weiv Sketches is quite simple, the concept satisfies a few of our core interests and passions. First, it makes creating live visual art accessible to almost anyone…the Weiv Sketch interface is incredibly simple. Second, it encourage the process of discovery in artists. Every sketch is different…and that’s a good thing. Art should be messy. Third, because the sketches output to Syphon, Weiv Sketches can be used in conjunction with almost every other awesome VJ tool on the market — allowing artists to limitlessly extend their vision.

It’s all circles…

We are excited to share Weiv Sketches with you and to see what you make with them. Over the next few weeks we will be releasing the Weiv Sketch programs to our Products and Downloads page as well as blogging more about Weiv Labs and our new projects. If you have questions or ideas feel free to comment on this page or contact us on Twitter at: @Weivco

Line ’em up.




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