Introducting The Triangulator — Free VJ Drawing Tool

One of the things we have been committed to in our “reboot” of Weiv has been creating software tools that we can use for ourselves. This value has spawned the idea of “Weiv Sketches,” software programs that are meant to be easy ways of creating live drawing in visual art/VJ settings. Today we would like to release our first FREE Weiv Sketch to the wild: The Triangulator.


The Triangulator is a simple application that allows you to draw all over the screen with connected triangles, creating layered geometric art. Though it is a simple concept, a few minutes playing with The Triangulator can yield some pretty eye-catching art.

When launched, The Triangulator runs full screen on your first display. If you would like to show your results on a second screen or projector, just mirror your screen and draw away. Or, if you use other VJ tools The Triangulator outputs to Syphon, allowing you to blend your geometric art with other media, such as live video, animation, or video clips. So, if you are into interactive visuals, digital art, or VJing you’ll probably find The Triangulator to be a nifty new tool in your visual toolbox.

Any color you like...
Any color you like…

We love live and interactive art and hope to encourage more of it. Since this is our first attempt at creating a Weiv Sketch program we are excited to post The Triangulator for FREE. All we ask is that if you use it to make cool art and that you give us feedback so we can improve our future sketches (contact us @Weivco, or hello(at)Weiv.co).

Now Download the Weiv_Sketch: The Triangulator — Go make art!

*Weiv Sketches are built for Apple OSX and require Java.

The Triangulator Controls:

Click on the black palette to create triangles.

‘1’ – Screen capture

‘2’ – Hide color picker

‘3’ – Show color picker

‘control’ – Clear screen

Left and right arrows – Move currently selected color picker knob

‘tab’ – Select next color picker knob

Up and down arrows – increase and decrease object size

Minimalism with flair
Minimalism with flair

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