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If you are VJ or into production we think you’re going to love Weiv 1.5. We have added a number of features that will give you incredible real-time control over animations with our latest software update.

Take a quick look at what you can do with Weiv 1.5!

If you are interested in Weiv we would love to hear your thoughts. Contact us on Twitter: @Weivco

Watch for the full Weiv 1.5 release late summer/early fall 2014


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Weiv 1.5 Beta is here!

July 24th, 2014

We’re almost ready for prime-time! Weiv 1.5 Beta is finally here…and we are really excited to share it. We have new scenes to share, as well as great new features like 5 presets, a mute for second screen output, and a whole bunch of bug fixes and tunes ups.

Weiv Beta

Something we have heard frequently over the last year is a desire for more single-controller scenes. You spoke, we listened. There are whole bunch of new single-controller scenes in the hopper that are great for environmental projection, motion backgrounds, and mixing with other media. (take a look at “Upwards”)

If you would like to be a part of the Weiv 1.5 beta testing program contact us at hello(at)Weiv.co, or @Weivco on Twitter. We are excited to produce and share an amazing tool for VJs, production technicians, and kids of all ages to interact with visuals…thanks for your support!

Upwards – a new Weiv Scene (click on the picture to see a video)

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 9.05.47 PM


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Reload. Refresh. Weiv 1.5

May 6th, 2014

Weiv 1.0 is over.

That’s right, if you head over to the Weiv store, the only thing available now is the Weiv demo. All the scenes and engine software are gone.


Weiv 1.0 really should have been entitled Weiv 0.7, because even though it was a really cool advanced prototype, we didn’t nail all of the features the way we wanted to, and our first batch of scenes weren’t entirely baked.

What Weiv 1.0 did allow us to do was to go to conferences, engage VJs and production people, and get really good feedback. We have taken the past year to better understand our target market and what they really want. Also, we have taken time to reflect on our own passions and goals pertaining to Weiv. Long story short: this has resulted in some reorganization of our roles, as well as our overall focus. The good news is that this has allowed us to update our Weiv software engine as well as begin producing new scenes at a quicker rate!

Weiv - Weiv Demo 2014-03-21 at 14.25.16

Weiv 1.5

Right now we’re tweaking the Weiv 1.5 software, a pretty big update to the previous version. Features like preset buttons and a “mute” button for the output screen will allow for more professional presentations. Playlist reordering will help organizes visual setlists. New Wiimote software will reduce drops and make scene controls more responsive.

As for scenes, we are focusing our efforts on 1-controller scenes and 7-controller scenes. This will be far less confusing than the previous set of scenes. Also, we are trying to standardize control movements as much as possible.

All in all, it’s a total refresh. It’s a reload. It’s a relaunch. The previous Weiv scenes and engine will not be available, nor will they be compatible with the new system. This is ALL NEW.


Watch for Weiv 1.5 and a sizable library of new scenes to be released to the public late Summer 2014.

Of course, if you want to be a beta tester, you might get your hands on something sooner….

classic circles - blue

Email us or DM @Weivco to beta test Weiv 1.5!




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Weiv 1.5 Update – First Preview

January 21st, 2014

I’ve been working on new scenes and testing the first test release of our Weiv 1.5 update and I thought I’d give you a sneak peak!

As you’ll find from the video there are a lot of features that will really appeal to VJs, production and lighting folks. Do you have additional feedback? Email us or DM on Twitter.


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Full Circle

December 23rd, 2013

Over the past few months we have been working hard on moving Weiv forward. Our primary is to release Weiv 1.5, a new Weiv software engine that promises greater stability and a handful of new features. We’re also knee deep in updating our scenes for the new engine, as well as finishing the many scenes we have started, but have yet to finish. It’s hard work, and as a small distributed team it’s easy to lose sight of what we’re doing.

Since our early prototypes for Weiv we have formed a business, struggled through a number of technical difficulties and tried to figure out exactly who wants to use Weiv and how to connect with them. At times it’s been fun. At other times it has been frustrating. It’s the frustrating times that keep driving us back to our vision.

If you go all the way back to our first few blog posts you’ll notice that Weiv began out of a vision for creating a collaborative art platform for an interactive “lab” named “KarDIA Lab” started by Paul and Josh in 2010. One goal of Weiv was to inspire wonder through playing together.

Being a distributed team (covering Oregon, Iowa and Vermont) we don’t get to play together much as a Weiv team. In fact, as much fun as Weiv is to work on, sometimes it can feel like drudgery when you’re sitting alone, pouring over lines of code or balancing the books a thousand miles away from your workmates. Long-distance business partnership is not for the faint of heart!

Fortunately, despite our challenges, we have been able to be drawn back, time and time again, to the vision. “Make this, and make it wonderful.” The last few months we have reconnected with the passion that caused Weiv to be started in the first place. Our trips to Nashville (to attend SALT and Luminous) have brought us into contact with an amazing peer group that have helped us recalibrate our hearts. Additionally, we have started using Weiv at houses of worship as a feature in a worship lab again, the very thing that helped inspire us in the first place. Finally, as a group of artists, engineers, and philosophers we have reconnected with the idea of Weiv as a research platform for topics such as generative art, organizational design, and ecclesiology.

What is Weiv?

What does this mean?

It means we are catching a breath of fresh air. The wind is at our backs again. We have confidence in our vision and are doing all we can to make it a new reality. It means we’re having fun!

It feels like we are coming full circle.

Watch for Weiv 1.5 and new scenes in early 2014!

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SALT Banner

A few weeks ago Weiv was back in lovely Nashville, TN as sponsors of the SALT conference (put on by our friends at Orange Thread Media). SALT was billed as a visual worship conference, bringing together technical and creative artists. Weiv is used in a number of houses of worship, so we thought SALT would be a good place for us to meet people like-minded people who are interested in interactive visuals. (and we were right!)

Salt Shout

As a sponsor of SALT we supported the “Weiv breakout room” and facilitated a station in the back of the sanctuary with Weiv. Conference attendees could come back, grab a Wiimote, and create visuals on the fly as the band played. At first most of the attendees just walked past us, casting sidelong glances, but after the first day, many people became more comfortable with interacting during the service times.

SALT Weiv Station

We even broke out some VJ tricks and layered Weiv visuals with still images, creating a meditative environment.

SALT Weiv Angel

Of course, we have made some incredible friends in the visual worship world, so the list of speakers and exhibitors read like an invitation list to a party/reunion of VJs, artists, thinkers, pastors, and wanderers that we have been fortunate enough to meet and develop relationships with.

Weiv Salt

One of the most impressive elements of SALT was how well it was paced. The event started out bright and loud…a visual “shout.” At first I thought I would be overwhelmed by the giant screen with environmental mapping and loud, loud music. Then I was shocked when they blew the screen up in front of the crowd.
In the end I was in awe as they rebuilt it into something beautiful.

The rhythm of the conference fit the “Loud-Quiet-Loud” trajectory, hitting us with everything, breaking it down, then building it back up…very smart and a very nuanced way to teach how visuals can be used in worship services. Kudos to the SALT13 team!

As a closing note…at the closing session it was announced that there will be a SALT14 conference (presumably to be held in Nashville). Keep an eye out for it. We hope to be there again as well.

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Using a Coupon in the Weiv Store

October 23rd, 2013

We have found that using a coupon in the Weiv store is just a little tricky, so here’s a quick primer on how to apply coupons to the Weiv shopping cart.

First, go to the Weiv store and select whatever items you’d like to purchase. When you’ve selected your swag, click on the “Shopping Cart” link in the top-right navigation. (unfortunately our cart software doesn’t have a coupon code entry area in the checkout area, a problem we’ll need to solve in the future).

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 6.05.56 AM

After clicking on the “Shopping Cart” link you’ll see your cart items, as well as a little tab (at the bottom left of the screen) that says “Coupon Code.” Click on it.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 6.06.53 AM

When the tab expands it reveals an input box. Type your coupon code and apply.



Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 6.07.16 AM

Would you like to try it yourself?

Use the code WEIVCO for 20% off all items in the Weiv store through the end of October 2013!

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Brady Toops + Weiv

October 11th, 2013

When I found out singer/songwriter Brady Toops was booking his northwest tour I contacted him right away. I first met Brady at an experimental sound festival in Nashville a few years prior, but I had never had the chance to hear him play live. “Can you play Central Oregon? I’ll VJ for you.” I asked. He said “yes,” and the preparation began. I booked a couple excellent local bands (Kasen and Co. and “Chad the Baptist) and the venue and prepped to VJ by listening to Brady’s album on repeat.

The night of the event we had a full house. Despite trouble during sound-checking, we were able to tame a terrible buzz in the monitors and kick off a fantastic night of music and interactive visuals.

Brady’s music is nuanced…it’s not the kind of music where you can set visuals on autopilot and expect they’ll line up. The songs are stories that unfold slowly, each verse a new chapter. To visually capture this aesthetic I used Weiv and ran it into VDMX via Syphon so I could create subtle layers, using the interactive elements of Weiv to correspond to the rhythm and dynamic of the songs. Most of the songs began with complete visual silence, gradually building layers and intensity (watch the video below).

  • Brady Toops is the real deal. He helped up set up and tear down and was gracious throughout…not to mention an incredibly talented singer-songwriter!
  • Kasen and Co and “Chad the Baptist” proved you can find great music and musicians, even in a small town.
  • Combining Weiv with other VJ tools (such as VDMX) provide an incredible amount of power and flexibility when narrating visual events.
  • Always VJ with a mouse, not the trackpad. I accidentally showed the crowd my desktop in a frantic moment of finger-swiping.
  • Kids love to VJ together, and if you’re running the computer you can actually make it look good.

Media: Listen to Brady’s album HERE.

Brady Toops


Chad the Baptist


Kasen and Co.


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I just received a test version of what will become the “new Weiv,” (probably labeled 1.5) to be released October 2013…and boy am I excited. John, our guru of engineering and development, snuck the new version into Dropbox this morning with a few of the features implemented….and I think you’re going to like them.

Major updates include:

  • Savable presets (5 preset banks)
  • The ability to click anywhere on slider bars to control configuration parameters
  • Updated Bluetooth pairing for more reliable connections

We’ll be sharing more about these features in the near future, but overall these new features will provide far more control over Weiv scenes than before. Stay tuned!

Bokehs, any way you like them.


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Camp by firelight

This summer we took Weiv to camp. High up in the Ochoco Mountains of Central Oregon (far out of cell phone range) a dirt road leads to a small clearing and handful of cabins surrounded by towering pine trees. Crystal Spring camp is a long way from anywhere…a perfect location for a camp.

Pump up the kids

On a makeshift screen under the full moon we projected Weiv visuals and lyrics (using Harmony) for a youth camp of around 50 kids and adults. As the music started, the kids began circling the fire pit, shuffling and dancing (which you can hear on the video). Taking turns, a rotation of seven kids helped VJ, using Weiv with the rhythm of the music, spurring the dancers on.

Light it up

Throughout the course of the night it was incredible to see the kids experience freedom in their worship service. This was not a quiet campfire singalong, it was joy at the edge of chaos!

Blur of dancers

Amazingly, at the end of the service, nothing was broken. Nobody fell into the fire pit and the kids were respectful, even agreeing to wear the Wii remote wrist-straps. Other than a little campfire ash on the Macbook (easily cleaned off) the night was a blazing success!

Headlamp and lyrics

Our experience at camp confirmed a few things we already knew…kids love Weiv, and projecting visuals in natural settings is a blast. As you can see from the pictures, the darkness of the woods, contrasted by the brightness of the screen and the moon were simply beautiful.

Attractors Under the MoonAttractors under the moon2

Do you work with kids? Do you VJ?

We’d love to hear your thoughts about engaging audiences through interactive visuals. It’s our passion, and we love talking with like-minded folks.

Message us at @Weivco

Also, if you like what you’ve seen, you can try it yourself!

Download the FREE Weiv demo


Buy the fully licensed version of Weiv today!

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